Whether or not esports should be included in the Olympics is still an open question. The International Olympic Committee has not yet officially designated esports as a sport, but it has discussed its potential inclusion in the future of the games. This has left many people wondering if esports will ever be part of the Olympics. There are several possible scenarios. The IOC could designate esports as a new sport or one of the existing sports could get an official esports makeover. In either case, the IOC would have to establish licensing terms for the new esports titles. Some esports titles are owned by multiple companies, making it hard for the IOC to license all of them at once.

First person shooters are a very popular esports game. These include games such as Counter-Strike, Halo, and Call of Duty. These titles are highly competitive and have been found to boost heart rates. They also require mental fortitude and coordination, two qualities needed to be successful in a competitive sport. It’s no surprise that these are the games that players are most interested in. However, these games may not be the most impressive ones on the IOC’s list of things to consider.

Similarly, esports tournaments have received high praise from both fans and officials. Some of these competitions are held in conjunction with traditional sports events. In fact, esports has appeared in the 2019 Southeast Asian Games. In addition, esports is scheduled to make its official Asian Games debut in Hangzhou 2022.

During the run up to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, the IOC supported the launch of the “Olympic Virtual Series,” which is a video game demonstration event. It’s the first time that a video game has been integrated into the Olympics. The series was designed to generate excitement for the Games. In addition to the virtual sports, this series featured a few other games, including cycling and baseball. Next blog post

Aside from the official Olympics, esports has been showcased at multinational events in Asia. In fact, five esports players were involved in the Olympic Torch Relay. These athletes have been training for years and proving that esports is indeed a competitive sport.

While esports will most likely not feature in the 2024 Olympics, it has the potential to make its mark in the 2028 Games in Los Angeles. This will require a major commitment from the IOC, as they’ll have to negotiate licensing deals with the owners of esports games and establish rules that are suitable for their inclusion. check it out here

If the IOC decides that esports is ready to be an Olympic sport, it’s possible that they might adopt formal rules or a medal system. The most obvious rule of thumb is that an esports competition must be sanctioned by the IOC. It’s possible that the IOC would simply grant a spot on the LAN to esports tournaments, but the main event is likely to remain traditional. In addition, the IOC will have to establish criteria for choosing which games to compete in.

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