Located in Villa Park, California, Cerro Villa Heights is a wealthy neighborhood. The median real estate price in this neighborhood is $1,656,840. This is nearly twice the average price for most American neighborhoods. The average home is more than 4,000 square feet. This makes Cerro Villa Heights one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the United States.

The Cerro Villa Heights neighborhood is also known for its large homes. These homes range from 9,000 to 14,000 square feet. The houses in this neighborhood are mostly owner-occupied. They have two to four bedrooms, three to four bathrooms, and a garage. Most homes have walk-in master suites. This neighborhood has a variety of plans, including wet bars, family rooms, formal dining rooms, laundry rooms, and atriums.

The most common languages spoken in homes in the Cerro Villa Heights neighborhood are English and Spanish. The third most common language is Chinese. The ancestry of the residents is also diverse. The most commonly reported ancestries are Dutch, Mexican, and English.

Many of the families in this neighborhood send their children to private schools. Some prefer to take day trips to Disneyland or spend summers in Europe. There is a high level of social activity in the Cerro Villa Heights community. This neighborhood also has a variety of restaurants.

The Cerro Villa Heights neighborhood has a large amount of executive jobs. These jobs account for 11.4% of the jobs in the neighborhood. There are also a great deal of sales jobs. The sales jobs in the Cerro Villa Heights neighborhood account for 20.6% of the total employment in the neighborhood. This area is known for its low crime rates. It is also known for its well-maintained properties. Browse next article

In addition to its good school system, the neighborhood is very family friendly. It has a high proportion of college-educated parents, which results in a high level of academic achievement in the local schools. Most of the families in the neighborhood are single families, and many families share one or more homes. This helps ensure the property in the neighborhood stays in good shape for long periods of time.

Another reason why the Cerro Villa Heights neighborhood is a good choice for families is its proximity to Disney World. The majority of residents of the neighborhood like to take weekend trips, and the property in the neighborhood is well-maintained. It is a popular area for active retirees. This area is also a popular place for couples who are looking for a large home and a convenient location.

Unlike other neighborhoods, the property in the Cerro Villa Heights neighborhood tends to remain in great shape for a long period of time. This property is in demand, and is considered to be an excellent investment. Most of the homes in the neighborhood have one or two stories, and have three to four baths. This neighborhood has a high number of owners, which increases the amount of people who live in the area. Learn more

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