Located just north of Anaheim and south of the Brea-Garden Grove area, Fullerton is Orange County’s third most populous city, with a total population of 143,617. The City is home to a California State University, Fullerton, and is located in an area known for its diverse economic and cultural diversity.

The City of Fullerton is a safe, affordable suburban community for families. In recent years, the housing market has seen significant increases in values. The median value of a house in Fullerton increased from $408,000 in 2012 to $575,00 in 2016. However, experts predict that the housing market will level off in the next few years. Despite this trend, Fullerton has not lost its sense of community through urbanization and suburbanization. In fact, the city has become very involved with its residents, fostering a diverse culture that includes both traditional values and a progressive outlook. Next Article

Fullerton’s thriving arts and cultural scene has earned the city a reputation as a place where people can celebrate a wide variety of interests. The city is also known for its numerous parks, which provide a wealth of opportunities for residents to enjoy the natural environment. Moreover, Fullerton offers residents access to a wide range of educational and recreational resources. The city is home to the largest state university by enrollment in the state, California State University, Fullerton. In addition, the City hosts a variety of community celebrations throughout the year.

The City of Fullerton’s General Plan is designed to guide the use of physical resources within the City. The plan identifies policies for the distribution of land uses and the creation of public and private open spaces. The plan also contains a graphic representation of land use distribution. The plan also provides guidance on the preservation of existing buildings and natural features. The plan encourages creative and unique use of man-made features. It also encourages new neighborhoods to reflect a local identity.

While the city’s downtown has seen a renaissance in recent years, it still faces competition from other commercial centers. Additionally, the city needs to make changes to ensure that its fiscal base remains viable. The sales tax revenues that the City receives are not keeping up with the costs associated with providing services for residents.

In addition, gang crime is a concern in some areas of the city. The Fullerton Police Department estimates that there are about 400 documented gang members in the city. Nevertheless, there is a lot of potential for the city to achieve quality planning and development. The General Plan has the potential to promote quality development and encourage re-use of underutilized land, in accordance with emerging economic trends.

In the future, the City of Fullerton needs to take steps to rehabilitate its existing housing stock. In addition, the city must continue to promote the use of pedestrian activity over automobile activity in its Transportation Center. The city should also consider the possibility of developing an Urban Rail Route to link the city to John Wayne Airport and the South Coast Metro area in Costa Mesa. The route would strengthen Fullerton’s ability to meet its transportation needs. More info