Located at 1802 N Main St, Santa Ana, CA 92706. Bowers Kidseum is an art museum that engages children in learning through play. They offer special programs and summer camps, as well as regular events and programs. These include face painting, story times, and other interactive activities. Guests can also participate in craft projects. They even provide a healthy snack every morning.

Kidseum is a separate building from Bowers Museum, which is an adult-oriented art museum. The building has a lot of artwork throughout, as well as a cave that is used for art projects. A large portion of the cave is filled with artwork, and there are two different art projects every week. Currently, the exhibits include an Egyptian theme and a Mummies of the World theme. The cave is similar to the Lascaux caves in France.

The main floor of the Kidseum is designed with little ones in mind, and includes areas for learning, playing, and communicating. They feature a story room, a craft area, and an archaeology lab. In addition, there is a Glow Cave, where kids can create glow-in-the-dark art. There are also several different international languages on display, along with clothing and accessories from all over the world. These exhibits change from year to year, so check to see what’s new before visiting.

Another exciting exhibit at the Kidseum is the Tet Festival Interactive Exhibit. This exhibit gives kids a chance to dress in traditional Vietnamese attire, and learn about the traditions of this festival. They can also enjoy a variety of fun activities, such as drumming, a photo booth, and a hands-on art activity. Parents can also experience the festival themselves.

In addition to the exhibits at the Kidseum, Bowers Museum has a museum store, where they sell special art treasures and cards. The store also offers themed backpacks that cover cultural differences. They also have a play kitchen and a dress-up shop. They have artifacts from various cultures around the world, including the Native American, African, Asian, and European cultures. They also have a selection of tribal instruments, ethnic masks, and dress-up clothes from around the world.

There are also exhibits that are dedicated to a specific cultural theme. For instance, there is an exhibit for Native American art, as well as one for the Mummies of the World exhibit. The museum also features a section of the Bowers Museum of Cultural Art, which contains rotating exhibits. Each exhibit features a different culture’s dress, art, and music. The museum also has a permanent collection with strengths in pre-Columbian Mesoamerica, Africa, and Asia. Next Article

The Bowers Museum is an art museum, but it’s not as high-tech as the other children’s museums in Orange County. It’s also a little bit low-tech. There aren’t a lot of activities to keep kids occupied. However, the friendly staff and the anthropological aspects of the museum are a plus. They have security guards at all of the exhibits, so parents can feel confident that their children are safe. More Here

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