Located in the city of Anaheim, Rancho La Paz is a mobile home park that straddles the cities of Fullerton and Anaheim. It was built in 1955 and is a land-lease community for 55 and older manufactured homes. In 2019, the Saunders Property Company bought the property for $85 million. This purchase caused a stir among residents of the mobile home park, who were notified of a $200 monthly rent increase. In response, the community held a rally, and two city councils voted to approve assistance programs for the mobile home park.

The most important feature of the mobile home park is the rent control law. The law states that any mobile home park that straddles two cities can not raise rents more than three percent per year for 10 years. The law does not apply to other types of mobile home parks, such as those that are not in a city, or have more than one thousand homes.

The new state law is in place to protect residents from big rent hikes in Orange County. This measure was signed into law by Governor Gavin Newsom in July. It will be up to California Attorney General Rob Bonta to enforce the law. According to AME’s spokesperson, the company will be able to revert back any rent increases made since January 1. However, the lawsuit AME filed against the city of Anaheim claims the new law is ineffective and should be abolished altogether. Next Article

There are 387 home sites in the Rancho La Paz mobile home park. The community has four tennis courts, a dog run, and a pool. In addition, the city provides the sewer and water systems for the community. The streets are paved and the street width is average. The community is also in Climate Zone 2. This means that the area has a hot and humid climate.

The largest concentration of residents in the Rancho La Paz neighborhood is of Mexican descent. The most common languages spoken in the area are Spanish and English. This is a very different population from the neighbors across the street. The neighborhood is also a very diverse cultural mix, with many people of Swiss, German, and Yiddish ancestry. The demographics of the Rancho La Paz neighborhood are more than any other American neighborhood. The median income is more than 45.4% of the American population, and the number of children living in poverty is higher than 66.5% of the country.

The median real estate price in the Rancho La Paz neighborhood is considerably less than 77.5% of the entire state of California. The neighborhood is also home to a small number of high-rise apartments. The median rental price is also considerably lower than the majority of neighborhoods in the country.

The neighborhood is also home to a surprisingly large amount of Irish and German ancestry. The community is a great place for families, as it is very close to a number of excellent restaurants in Palm Springs. The location is convenient to other military bases as well. More

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