Located at 18818 Brookhurst St, Fountain Valley, CA 92708. in Fountain Valley, the Reptile Zoo boasts over 100 exotic species of reptiles and other creatures. The educational facility features a variety of interactive exhibits, including a polycultural farm, where guests can learn about food and the importance of farming. There are also several other hands-on activities. For example, visitors can feed the fish in the aquarium’s 2,000 gallon indoor pond and interact with a handful of the reptiles.

The aquarium is home to over 35 saltwater tanks and has an Aquatic Nursery, where children can touch and hold baby sea animals. In addition, there are several educational programs, such as the Tide Pool walk and discovery labs. There is even a pond with turtles to be fed. The Reptile Zoo has an impressive number of exotic species, including the largest albino boa in captivity, Twinkie.

In addition to the zoo, the Santa Ana Zoo at Prentice Park offers numerous other facilities and amenities for families. It is the only zoo in Orange County, and provides a wide variety of entertainment options. It has a train ride, a children’s farm, and a carousel. It also offers seasonal camps, workshops, and birthday parties. There is also a gift shop, a Bean Sprouts Cafe, and a Treetop Toys Gift Shop. The zoo is also home to the Conservation Education Theatre and the Amazon Aviary. More here

The OC Zoo is home to several native Southwestern species, including the Bighorn Sheep, red tailed hawks, and mule deer. It also features a barnyard with domestic animals. This is not your typical zoo, however, as many of the animals are orphaned or injured. The zoo is also home a few exotic pets, such as a Bearded Dragon and a Leopard Gecko. There are several events for the whole family, including a birthday bash, a scout group program, and an audio tour. There are also special events such as the Australian Outback Birthday Bash.

The OC Zoo’s Reptile Zoo is one of the best ways to see exotic reptiles in a non-threatening setting. Those looking to learn about the reptiles of the world can take a guided tour, while others can simply enjoy the experience without the fuss. The oh-so-simple reptile maze is a fun way to learn about reptiles, and there is also a carousel. The Zoofari Express train will bring you through the park to the animals’ home in the forest, and there is an Exploration Maze to keep you busy. Next Article

In addition to the Reptile Zoo, the Santa Ana Zoo is home to the OC Zoo’s largest animal exhibit, the Big Horn Sheep. This exhibit also features a large barnyard with domestic animals. It has more than a dozen different types of animals, including a porcupine, a bobcat, and a mountain lion. In addition to the big ol’ zoo, there are also mobile museums and a plethora of seasonal events. There are also many other places to go in Orange County, including the Fullerton Arboredum, a nature park that features gardens from around the world.

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