Bringing video games to the Olympics is a real hope for the gaming community. It’s a big deal for the sector because it’s not just about boosting revenues. It’s also about increasing fan engagement and helping the Olympics maintain its relevance in the digital age.

For a long time, esports was a no-show on the Olympic stage. But in recent years, the sport has come into its own. It’s a billion-dollar industry that will generate $1 billion in revenue this year. It’s also become a popular way for casual gamers to make money.

A good first step towards bringing esports to the Olympics is to establish a universally recognized governing body. There are currently 107 members of the International Esports Federation (IEF). Some of them, like the IEF, are national federations, and others are private companies. While some companies have taken a hands-on approach to esports, others, such as Valve, have retreated from their role in the ecosystem. The IEF is the only esports governing body that is publicly recognized.

The IEF has recently signed a memorandum of understanding with the Asian Electronic Sports Federation. The IeSF’s esports initiative has already held 12 global esports tournaments across 11 cities. Some of the most notable tournaments have been held in South Korea, the Philippines, and China. Several other countries have already announced plans to hold similar events in their countries. A fantastic read

The IeSF has even developed an esports award scheme for the best in class competitions. The award has been given out to several esports titles, and the judging criteria includes the following: the ability to compete on a professional level, the game’s impact on the community, and the most significant esports achievement in the sport.

The IeSF also launched the IeSF World Championship, which has been held in a variety of cities worldwide. It’s a relatively short-lived event, but the fact it’s lasted this long is impressive. The tournament also boasts the largest prize pool of any esports event to date.

In addition, the IeSF has launched the IeSF World Series, a multi-sport event that will run in 2021. The tournament will include a virtual racing event, as well as a motorsports event. It will also include sailing and baseball. The most important thing about the IeSF’s World Series is that it’s one of the few events of its kind. Additional info

While it’s not clear when esports will make its grand debut on the Olympic stage, it’s likely we’ll see some form of competition at the next Games. The IOC would need to keep up with the popularity of the games in question, and would have to constantly update its regulations to reflect these changes. But, if the IOC does decide to bring esports to the Olympics, it’s likely that they’ll be a part of the Summer and Winter Olympics. This is a major opportunity for the sector, and it’s a chance for the IOC to demonstrate its commitment to the future of the sport.

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