Located at 19300 Ike Jones Rd, Santa Ana, CA 92707. on the west side of John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana, California, the Lyon Air Museum focuses on displaying aircraft and military vehicles that were used during World War II. It also features vintage automobiles and related memorabilia.

The Lyon Air Museum has over 150 historic aircraft and vehicles, including the Douglas C-47 Dakota “Willa Dean” military transport aircraft. This aircraft was sold by the USAAF to France in May 1945 and continues to fly unmodified. Its wingspan is 96 feet and its service ceiling is 26,400 feet. It is one of the most spectacular planes in the Museum’s collection. The aircraft carries the colors of the 97th Troop Carrier Squadron and the 440th Troop Carrier Group.

Another impressive aircraft is the Boeing XB-70 Valkyrie, a supersonic jet that is part of the Erickson Aircraft Collection. It is one of the best collections of vintage warbirds in the Pacific Northwest. The Erickson Aircraft Collection also includes a number of early flying machines and displays from Wilbur and Orville Wright. The museum’s permanent collection is comprised of over 90,000 artifacts. There are also rotating exhibitions that feature outstanding works of art from around the world.

The Museum of Automotive History has an impressive collection of more than 200 cars. Its 18,500 square foot hangar is also home to a number of aviation-related exhibits. It also has an interactive flight simulator. Guests can also enjoy full-dome planetarium shows. This museum is considered to be one of the top five transportation museums in the United States.

The Museum of Automotive History is the oldest auto museum in the country, and was founded in 1957. It has over 200 cars on display, and it is also a great place to learn about all aspects of automotive history. It is open to the public during special events. The Main Museum is also home to over 100 vehicles on two levels. The Museum’s other locations include a blacksmith shop and a water tower. The Museum also has a nature trail.

The Museum of Automotive History is open to the public on select dates throughout the year, and the building is accessible by appointment. The Museum is located in a historic building that was built for military purposes. The building also houses a museum store and a large open area for special events. The Museum also has a youth education center. More here

The Museum of Automotive History is also home to the H. Clay Kellogg House, which is part of the Museum’s collection. The Museum has a number of other exhibits, including a blacksmith shop and a water-tank, which are both built to honor the founder of the Kellogg Company. The Museum’s other exhibits include a fire truck, trucks, and other vehicles. Next Article

The Museum of Automotive History is a unique aviation museum that features the Douglas C-45 Twin Beech, which is the oldest aircraft in the Museum’s collection. The museum has acquired the original DC-3 from Northstar Aviation. The Museum also has a number of other military airplanes, and its airplanes are often flown during air shows.