Located in the heart of Orange County, California, the Marconi Automotive Museum and Foundation for Kids is a bona fide car buffs dream. This museum is not only a tribute to the good ol’ days of yore, but it’s also a major fundraiser for children’s charities. The museum has a sizable collection of ye olde muscle cars, vintage and modern vehicles, and other automobile related memorabilia. It’s actually a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

The museum houses over sixty vehicles, ranging from the mundane to the exotic, including a fleet of vintage limos and hot rods. There’s also a lot of history to be found, spanning from the days of yore to the present. The best part is that the vehicles are in great condition. It’s a fun way to spend a few hours, or in this case, a few days. Some of the coolest cars in the museum include a Ford Mustang GT, an old skool Studebaker clone, and a Ford Focus. The museum is a hoot to visit with kids or adults. Several of the cars are open to the public during select events. The museum’s small staff does an admirable job of ensuring that each and every vehicle is well looked after. The museum has a number of prestigious awards to its name, including the coveted Gold Medal in the Automotive category of the National Museum of Aviation and Space. More here

The aforementioned museum isn’t the only vehicle of note in the area, and the nearby town of Kokomo isn’t short on cool ol’ cars either. In fact, the city boasts the country’s largest collection of unique and classic cars, including the aforementioned Studebaker clone. The town is a fun place to romp around, thanks to its mild winters and surprisingly low crime rate. While you’re in the neighborhood, you’ll probably want to check out the other major museums in the area, like the Boyertown Museum of Transportation or the Ypsilanti Museum of Transportation. Among the other attractions in the area, the aptly named Franklin Air Museum features the most complete military aircraft collection in the region, as well as a collection of historic vehicles and a plethora of rare and classic aircraft. Next Article

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